Solving Problems

When a solution to a problem doesn’t exist you have to create the solution. The ICS (Integrated Cartridge Solutions) line of products was born out of one simple question.

We are in the business of solving water quality problems. We follow standard problem solving techniques. First of all we define the problem then set about finding a solution. Because we are all about success and as a service to our customers we test their water to identify what needs to be fixed . Using test results, site specific information and customer input about things like water consistency, treatment preferences and taste & odor problems we make recommendations for treatment. Really what we are doing is investing resources into solving water quality problems for prospective customers.

A Simple Question

Now, I’m sorry to say, not every prospect turns into a customer even though we tested their water, we know they need treatment and we have the solution. We identified this as a problem and our one simple question was this – Why don’t we sell a water treatment solution every time we test water and make a treatment recommendation? We set out to find the answer and solve the problem, after all that’s what we’re good at – solving problems.

By asking this question we got a bunch of great feedback and the reasons given as to why prospects didn’t buy a treatment system even though they needed one included;

  • I can’t afford the recommended treatment
  • Installation is too expensive
  • I don’t have the room for the treatment (treatment system is too big)
  • Treatment systems are too noisy
  • I don’t want anything high maintenance
  • My well pump can’t provide the required backwash water
  • My septic system can’t handle the volume of backwash (aka regeneration or waste water)
  • I can’t have added salt in my diet
  • Salt bags are too heavy, I can’t lift them
  • I don’t want to deal with salt
  • I can’t waste the water they use to backwash (not eco-friendly)
  • Softeners are banned where I live, I can’t have one
  • I bought a different brand (this one stung the most)

We viewed each of these answers as problems and set out to see how many we could solve.

Solving the problem

Keeping these problems in the forethought, using our experience in water treatment, thinking outside the box and after much research and work, we concluded a cartridge based treatment option would solve, to one degree or another, each of the problems our prospective customers shared with us. While investigating existing solutions it became apparent very quickly we were going be creating an entirely new way to think about and treat water. We would need to develop new products and techniques where cartridge filters didn’t exist. None of this swayed us, we needed a solution to these problems and that is what we do, solve problems.

We ended up building a whole new way of solving water problems, the Integrated Cartridge Solutions line of products. The ICS line represents a new age in water treatment. For the first time a wide array of water treatment problems could be identified as treatable with effective, economical, eco-friendly, long lasting, high capacity cartridge filters.

Because nothing existed we developed the PolyHalt® media to broaden the problem solving range of the ICS line. A very powerful water treatment tool, PolyHalt® is proven safe for drinking water and the environment through the NSF certification process. Now a cornerstone of the ICS line PolyHalt® is able to solve hardness problems while at the same time prevent iron and manganese staining, silica etching and pitting. PolyHalt® also cleans and protects plumbing, fixtures and appliances. In keeping with our “there is no such thing as one size fits all” philosophy we continue to develop more ICS products to solve more water quality problems.

To answer the question “Why ICS water treatment systems were created?”; The ICS line of products came about as a result of our effort to solve customers’ water quality problems. After all, we are in the business of making people happy. Solving water quality problems does make people happy.

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