by Gabe Ergler
Tap water or bottled water, which should you drink
May 3, 2016
Plastic Water Bottles Piled High in Garbage

Tap water or bottled, which should you drink?

We know bottled water comes in bottles, some glass but, the majority come in plastic.  Tap water in this conversation is defined as: water that is delivered to your home or business from a city, utility, or similar provider and comes out of a tap in your home.  Which is better, bottled or tap? Some say one or the other is better while others argue both are equally good.  There is a lot of information and persuasive arguments on both sides of this question.  I’m going to lay out some facts and food for thought here. I’m not going to try to convince you to take a position on one side or the other of this question. Your choice is a personal one that is up to you.



Both bottled and tap water are required to meet water quality health and safety standards.  This means that neither should be any worse or better from a safety standpoint.  There is a difference when one considers how the water is delivered.  After treatment, bottled water is immediately bottled and ready to drink.  Tap water on the other had, is treated at a central facility then delivered through pipes, tanks, pumps, etc. Tap water often travels over long distances through the distribution system.  There is potential for changes to water quality after the central facility while traveling between the treatment plant and your tap.  Typical causes of changes include those due to the condition of the distribution system, insides of the pipes and tanks, etc., because of a backflow or cross contamination condition or because of a break in the distribution line during which contaminants enter the water system.



Face it, bottles are convenient, they’re light weight, strong and when capped don’t spill. You can re-create these same conveniences with tap water by simply using a durable re-usuable water bottle.  The real difference seems to boil down to this – when you b
uy bottled water, you don’t have to put the water into the bottle nor do you have to wash the bottle, you simply toss it away and it’s gone forever, or is it?

Plastic Water Bottles Piled High in Garbage


Plastic bottles take 700 years to begin composting.  38 million plastic bottles go to the dump per year in America, from bottled water alone, this does not include soda bottles.


According to ConvergEx Group Chief Market Stategist Nick Colas, bottled water costs 2000 times as much as tap water. From:<>


Personal Health

No matter where you get your water, it is well known drinking more is better for your body’s function and overall health.


In conclusion, it is your choice to determine if you will drink bottled or tap water.  We simply encourage you to drink more water.  If you want to save money and reduce plastic waste in our environment by drinking more tap water but, are concerned about it’s quality after traveling through the distribution system on its way to your home or business, there are plenty of options.  You can treat your water as it enters your home or business (POU). Treatment options typically fall into two groups, safety and aesthetic and it is common to have both for peace of mind and more enjoyable water.


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