by Gabe Ergler
Welcome to the Cascadian Clear Blog: It’s all about the water
March 5, 2016

My goal with this blog is simple – To educate, inform and share in a positive way all things water related.

From day one, over 22 years ago, I’ve always believed “knowledge is power” and in the water treatment world knowledge empowers customers to make informed decisions, decisions that are right for them and their particular water quality problem.

Given the context and content of I’d like to keep this blog focused on all things related to water used for domestic purposes, water for household and business uses, this excludes industrial and process water. Focusing on one or two niches will keep this blog from becoming too broad in scope and “watered down” (pun intended).

Our customers and potential blog followers and contributors include end users, installers, resellers and distributors so we will have quite a variety of blog subjects and comments for differing perspectives.

Super exciting for me is that this blog will serve as another way for me to learn too. I will learn from your questions and what you share with me and other readers. Yes, even after more than two decades solving water quality problems I’m still just scratching the surface on what there is to learn.

Blog posts immediately following this introduction will showcase random topics related to water treatment. I hope they will spark questions and comments from readers and be interesting enough to generate comments and following, after all, without questions and comments this blog could get quite boring after a while. Please feel free to chime in anytime to comment, suggest a blog topic,  ask questions about water quality, water treatment or treatment products.

Let’s get blogging;


Gabe Ergler

President O3 Water Systems, Inc.

Cascadian Water


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