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We manufacture the most efficient, effective and environmentally green water treatment solutions available.

CASCADIAN® Solutions are available in two different categories - Fully Automatic or Cartridge Based. Our Integrated Cartridge Solutions (ICS) are designed to provide flow rates to 15 gallons per minute, are smaller than automatic solutions and do not require power or a drain. Contact us and let us help find the solution to your water quality problems. We have Certified Water Specialists on staff to answer your questions.

Our CASCADIAN® Solutions products are available in two different categories; You have a choice - Automatic or ICS

Fully Automatic Solutions


Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Automatic Filters

  • AcidFIX
  • ArsenicTRAP
  • FluorideTRAP
  • NitrateTRAP
  • OrganicTRAP
  • OxiTRAP®
  • SuperPOLISH
  • SuperTRAP®
  • SuperTRAP®-UF

Automatic 58X Filters

5810 Series


Integrated Cartridge Solutions

  • Hardness
  • Orange, Red, Brown, Black and Blue Stains
  • Etching and Pitting
  • Bad Taste and Odor
  • Low pH
  • Sediment and Solids
  • Corrosion
  • Silica
Integrated Cartridge Solutions

Simple Effective Treatment

Up to15 GPM

Automatic Softeners

  • Pinnacle


58X Softeners

5810 Series





Manufacturer of Professional Water Treatment Products:

O3 Water Systems manufactures the CASCADIAN® Solutions and ICS lines of water treatment products. The CASCADIAN® Solutions product line has the most effective and efficient automatic filters and softeners available. The ICS product line provides a cartridge based alternative to many our our automatic systems at a fraction of the cost and space requirements and at the same time treats for problems that can't be addressed with an automatic system.. We know and understand the often complex water quality issues found in the Northwest and believe every customer should get a treatment solution that will actually solve their water quality problems. Whether you need a treatment solution for a single problem or a complex set of problems it is our goal to provide you with the water quality you expect and deserve.

Professional Service and Installation:

CASCADIAN® Solutions are available exclusively through Authorized Dealers who are experienced and trained to assure you get the right solution correctly installed so you can enjoy the benefits of professional quality equipment producing high quality water right away.

Find an Authorized Dealer:

Call us or click Find an Authorized Dealer and we will connect you with your authorized CASCADIAN® Solutions dealer and you will be on your way to the quality water you deserve.

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