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What people say about our solutions.

“I will continue to recommend Cascadian to anyone, they stand behind their product.”

“My ICS product is great, it’s very effective fixing my hardness problems. My water tastes great too. The system is small, salt-less and doesn’t require a drain.”

“…the water system you installed for us is working very well…Our water is very clear and soft, tastes good and the dishes and clothes are clean and white.”

“I had an ICS customer call me and tell me his water is cleaning his toilets… I almost fell out of my chair.”

“We love the Poly Halt!”


We provide effective treatment solutions for you and your family. These solutions are low maintenance, don’t use salt, and will fit most anywhere.

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Want to reduce costs and improve your customer experience at the same time? High-quality water can make that happen.


Interested in simplifying your water treatment business? We have the products and services to make that happen.

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We are an innovative family owned business solving water quality problems since 1994.

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